Where is the company located? Can I pick up hair in person?

We are based in Decatur GA. You can pick up hair in person.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is natural hair that has not been processed and no chemicals have been used. The cuticles of the hair follow one direction which, keeps the hair from tangling and matting. The hair has not been colored, dyed or perm processed.  

What color is the hair? Can the hair be colored

100% virgin hair varies in color and shade. The hair we provide is closest to 1b, a rich black-brown. All of the hair can be colored, preferably by a hair stylist. 

How much hair should you use?

12"-22" 3-4 bundles 

24-30" 4-5 bundles 

What is a lace closure?

Lace is the highest technology in hair extensions. When used properly it creates the illusion of scalp, allowing you to part and style your hair more effectively. A lace closure is 5x5, 6x6 or 7x7 inches of parting space. It is to be placed in the middle of your head. Closures are the easiest piece of lace to use and maintain. 

What is a lace frontal?

A lace frontal takes hairline illusion to a higher level. Your entire hairline can be masterfully and artistically created. A lace frontal provides a hair artist the ability to enhance a persons facial features by giving shape and grace to the forehead. 

What is a lace wig?

A lace wig is the highest form of hair technology. It provides the most lace and flattest appearance. This option gives the most natural feel and look. With this option you can part your hair in any way, and you can also wear your hair in braids, ponytails or buns.