Hair Care

#Hair Goals

We place an emphasis on hair quality through proper hair care. Each time you care for your extensions you may notice improvements. By using the right products, methods and care, you can shape and mold the quality of your hair after purchasing. 

We encourage that you do not use extensions as a replacement for natural hair care. Instead, consider it a tool in your beauty box. To help decide which extensions are best for you, identify your hair goals. Do you want growth, retention, or more moisture? Decide what your top natural hair goals are:

  • increased length
  • retention 
  • healthier appearance
  • increased fullness
  • less shedding
  • higher luster 
  • more shine
  • less brittle
  • more moisture
  • improved texture

If you have 2-4 goals consider adding the hair through sew in, clip in or microlink extensions.

For 5 or more goals consider u-part or lace wig as alternatives, so you have easy access to treat your natural hair and scalp. 

Preparing your hair for extensions

 How you care for your natural hair affects how your extensions will look. 

If your plan is to blend your natural hair with extensions, ensure your hair is still maintained. This means switching your leave out, using heat protectant spray, taking breaks in-between installs if possible. Its helpful to find a system of hair products that work best for you. Shampoo and conditioner isn't enough to feed and nourish your mane. You should also use a leave in conditioner, moisturizing cream, and sealant oil. Try The Mane Choice or Mielle Organics.

 Preparing extensions

Our manufacturers are safe and sanitary, however we advise you or your stylist cleanse and condition your hair before initial use. For the best experience wash and condition new extensions or wig before use.  

Products for Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair thrives on shampoos that cleanse, conditioners that moisturize, and lightweight styling products. If you have products that work very well on your natural hair use them on your extensions too. 

Cleaning and Moisturizing: Opt for products that are paraben-free like Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. When shampooing your hair try to work up a nice lather with gentle circular pressure. Focus cleansing from root to tip of extensions. If cleaning your lace, apply a fair amount of cleansing shampoo to the lace to build a lather. If you have glue or adhesive on your lace, remove and rinse any trace of buildup. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze our excess water. Apply conditioner to the shaft and ends of your extensions. You may choose to condition the inside of the lace as well. This is the best time to comb your hair. 

  • Wash and condition hair as regularly as you'd like. 
  • Soaking your hair in shampoo and very hot water before lathering helps to lift dirt, oils and impurities. 
  • With curly hair comb conditioner throughly before rinsing. 

 Styling: Air-dry your extensions whenever possible. These extensions were curated to wear in their natural beautiful state. You can use a dome or blowdryer, but excessive heat is not advised for virgin hair. Using a heat protectant is key to protecting your hair against heat damage. Bumble and Bumble makes our favorite heat protectant spray of 2020.

  • Applying heat protectant spray will gently warm up the hair when a heat tool is applied.
  • Heat protectant spray creates a barrier so heat does not penetrate the shaft.
  • Proper use prevents heat damage up to 50%.

Use quality hot tools such as a ceramic or ion flat iron, styling wand, curling iron, hot comb to create your desired look. Our virgin tresses take exceptionally well to magnetic rollers, bobby pin curls and heated rollers

Finishing products: For the best hold and sheen, we suggest trying light amounts that are paraben free. For a lightweight oil try L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment Serum. For a nice holding spray consider Set Me Up Beautiful Bold Hold Spray.

 Sleeping & storage: If your extensions are installed you should opt to use a satin bonnet and or pillowcase. This keeps the hair from rubbing against cotton, or any other material that may cause damaging friction. We send all extensions in satin bags for safe storage.