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Peruvian Loose Wave

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Our Signature hair since 2011, revamped. 

Full, higher quality, longer wear.

Customer Reviews

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Ya'll....... pleeeeease hear me out when I tell you to look no further. This hair is the real deal. My favorite thing about this hair is that it matches the texture of my hair when I straighten it well, so you can't even tell that it's weave. The color also matches perfectly, but this can be dyed if I'm feeling like switching it up! It doesn't ever get that old hair feel and can be worn for long periods of time (6 months+) because the quality is so amazing. It always feels soooooo smooth and fresh after I shower, but doesn't get tangled crazy after a week of intense work outs. It really is the best hair I have ever had. It beats any other brand I've ever purchased from. I'm not even saying all of this for the money..... I am being serious lol. And I will take on being the spokeswoman for this company because this hair has for real changed my life lol. Thank you HVMV Beauty!!!

A. Cooper-Henry
Superior-Grade Hair. 8+ years and Happy!!!

I've been using this hair since around 2012. It's amazing. I can't tell you how many times someone has complimented me on my hair, how well my natural hair blends in with my installation, and how full, thick, and gorgeous the hair is. And I'm in the beauty industry working with top beauty specialists and brands, so these compliments are coming from people who are experts. This is the best premium grade hair I have ever experienced. I tried other brands here and there just to be adventurous and I come running back because, there is no shed (perhaps a little after 3 years of straight-use, which is normal). I don't even know what tangled hair is like. I sometimes get away with not using a brush for 1 week, because this hair literally does not tangle. Tangle is not in this hair's vocabulary. I love this hair. You shouldn't even be reading this review. Just buy it. You will not regret it. And I'm only writing a review because I realized I've been an extremely happy customer for 8+ years and haven't written a review. SHAME ON ME! This hair is beautiful.

Good for years!

I purchased Peruvian bundles back in 2015 and they have lasted this long!! If you're on the fence cause the price may be a lot, I'm here to say the quality is worth it! Time for me to purchase more!

Amazing Hair

The plush Peruvian Wavy is my go to bundle. It is always thick, with limited to no shedding, and I always get tons of compliments! This product lasts long and is so worth it!!!!